Debt collection by telephone – success through openness

In the 1990s, we pioneered an unprecedented service: debt collection by phone. Into German living rooms, after hours. Even today we meet the debtors like this in their homes, in relaxation. Collection by phone uses the element of surprise. We find solutions together with your defaulting customer, acting individually and at eye level. Three decades of experience in communication psychology protect your reputation and ensure high realization rates.

Collection by phone – inbound

The DIAGONAL Group is characterized by the perfect interlocking of services and processes. Your defaulting customer can therefore choose independently which channel he would like to use to contact us: by letter, e-mail, fax, SMS, chat, WhatsApp or he can reach our debt collection team by phone. Successful inbound collection by telephone stands and falls with excellently trained staff. Our staff is highly empathetic in responding to all questions, needs and emotions of the caller. Our excellent Google ratings of debtors speak for themselves!

Collection by phone – outbound

In over 25 years, DIAGONAL Group has perfected the process of communication with debtors. We know exactly when which reminder impulse leads to success. As a technology leader in the industry, we are able to produce tens of thousands of reminders per day. Nevertheless, we take the time and do outbound debt collection by phone. At the right time, our trained employees carry out debt collection by telephone and achieve open, investigative and empathetic solutions and top realization rates.

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