The dunning notice – we take this hurdle

At the beginning of the judicial dunning procedure is the application for a dunning order. A hesitation to provide this is absolutely understandable from the entrepreneur’s point of view. Time-consuming bureaucracy, unclear cost-benefit effects, possible image damage – all these can be hurdles. The DIAGONAL Group does away with exactly that. We provide answers to all your questions, drawing on over 25 years of experience in debt collection services. We take care of the bureaucratic processes, keeping your needs in mind as much as those of your defaulting customer.

Apply for default summons yes or no?

Whether you should take the step from pre-court to court debt collection by applying for a default summons depends on various factors. The DIAGONAL Group agrees on so-called threshold values with you from the beginning of the cooperation. If, for example, your customer has not paid several outstanding receivables and the threshold value has thus been reached, we check the other criteria. This step is especially important to ensure you get the most value for your money. As soon as our legal experts have ruled out all knock-out criteria, the next step is to apply for an order for payment.

Self-determined to your dunning notice

As a technology leader in the industry, all our processes are highly automated. The DIAGONAL Group has a digital interface to all German dunning courts. This competitive advantage makes our actions highly efficient also in judicial debt collection. Nevertheless, you retain sovereignty over the process: You can still keep track of your files at all times via your personal account on our creditor portal. You can see which defaulter is on the threshold of legal dunning proceedings. With just one click, you can stop the process or chat with one of our legal experts on a case-by-case basis.

You want to apply for a default summons?

We support you in this.

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