Invoicing – a challenge in everyday business

We know: Proper invoicing means a lot of work, especially for small and medium-sized companies. Invoicing takes time and ties up human resources. In particular, invoices with many items, different tax rates or foreign invoices are prone to errors.

Incorrect invoicing also causes customer dissatisfaction. The post-purchase experience is perceived as negative despite excellent performance. Benefit from our almost three decades of experience in accounts receivable management and from the customized solution of DIAGONAL Debi-Plus for your invoicing.

Focus on your core business with external billing

The core business of the DIAGONAL Group has been based on receivables management for almost 30 years. With the help of highly automated processes and top trained legal and communication experts, we perform successful invoicing of small, medium and large companies. Our customers are represented in almost all industries.

We have your back and ensure that your invoicing runs smoothly. Commercially and legally on the safe side, your invoicing ensures a perfect post-purchase experience for your customer.

Your invoicing as a complete package

Of course, we work with your logo and in your corporate design when invoicing. Your customer should remain your customer – we consistently apply this credo in our Accounts Receivable Management department. In the run-up to the collaboration, we precisely coordinate the design and tonality with each other. In your protected area of our creditor portal, you can seamlessly track our actions at any time.

In addition to invoicing, DIAGONAL Debi-Plus offers you the entire commercial dunning process as well as customer service in accounts receivable management. Perfectly interlocking processes ensure a seamless flow of information and maximum efficiency.

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