DIAGONAL Payment – one provider, all payment methods

DIAGONAL Payment offers you over 200 international payment methods from a single source. Lengthy application procedures with various payment method providers are no longer necessary. Transparent price models facilitate your own calculation. Using plugin or REST API, we create powerful interfaces to your store software.

Your personal real-time dashboard gives you a full overview of your customers’ buying behavior around the clock. We know: Holistic management of payment methods is the lever for maximum success of your online store. The DIAGONAL Group offers a tailored payment method mix to suit your target group.

Payment methods in the online store – the mix makes the success

The most important milestone along the customer journey through your online store is the checkout process – your customer clicks through to the checkout with a full shopping cart. Now it’s all about ease of use and a target-group-specific mix of payment methods. More than 50% of online shoppers abandon the purchase process because the preferred payment method is not offered!

The payment method mix, therefore, determines more than half of your sales! Don’t leave your success to chance and boost your conversion rate by offering the right payment methods.

Factoring with DIA PAY

Around 90% of German online shoppers would like to be offered “purchase on account” at the checkout of the online store. Why? Customers want to try the goods first before they pay. The risk: You may be stuck with the outstanding invoices. And this is exactly where DIA PAY steps in as your factoring partner.

With our factoring model, the receivable is transferred to us the moment the invoice payment deadline is exceeded. Your advantages over “real” factoring: You do not lose your valuable customer relationship! DIA PAY supports your perfect after-sales effect!

Fraud prevention for your online store

The DIAGONAL Payment fraud prevention for your online shop is always one step ahead of the fraudster. Once connected, fraud prevention learns from your customers’ purchasing and payment behavior. The DIAGONAL Payment fraud prevention acts completely transparent.

In our real-time dashboard, you constantly have the opportunity to monitor customer behavior in the payment process. As experts for payment methods in the online store, we analyze the activities and adapt the fraud prevention to your requirements and your target groups. Security up = conversion rate up!

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