Judicial dunning procedure – no reason to worry

We know: the judicial dunning procedure obviously has some disadvantages from the entrepreneur’s point of view. It seems hopeless, it could be exhausting and protracted, there may be unimagined costs. With DIAGONAL Inkasso as your partner, you have an expert at your side who will alleviate all these concerns. In many cases, the judicial dunning procedure is an opportunity to straighten out a strained customer relationship and create clarity.

The main advantage of working with us is that you can concentrate on your core business and get rid of previous ballast.

Guide to the judicial dunning procedure

Whether your defaulting customer should be transferred to the judicial dunning procedure depends on various criteria. Our individual approach and objective view will help you make the right decision. At the beginning of the judicial dunning procedure is the dunning notice.

We take over the application for the issuance of a dunning notice and clarify any monitions and also the later possible objections. In the further course, we coordinate the application for the issuance of an enforcement order as well as the compulsory enforcement. And even after successful titling, we do not leave you alone and remain at your side for up to 30 years.

Uncomplicated through the judicial dunning procedure

In order to offer you the greatest possible efficiency, DIAGONAL Inkasso, as the industry’s technology leader, has created intelligent systems for the various application processes in the judicial dunning procedure that leave bureaucratic hurdles behind. We have digital interfaces to all German dunning courts.

Our competitive advantage benefits you. The highly automated processes save us time and allow us to devote our full attention to your individual requirements. Our legal experts are available to you personally and bindingly for this purpose. In addition, you have the possibility to view all processes of your current judicial dunning proceedings online via our creditor portal around the clock.

Do you need assistance with the judicial dunning procedure?

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