Dunning – a balancing act for entrepreneurs

We know: Establishing and implementing a sustainable dunning system is an elaborate balancing act. On the one hand, unpaid invoices result in a lack of expected liquidity, on the other hand, the internal dunning process is a large cost block.

In addition, improper dunning procedures and the wrong approach in payment reminders can result in the loss of valuable customer relationships, or worse: no dunning system quickly spreads the word among fraudsters. DIAGONAL Debi-Plus has the solution for the highly sensitive issue of commercial dunning.

Focus on your core business with external dunning process

The core business of the DIAGONAL Group has been based on receivables management for over 25 years. With the help of highly automated processes and top-trained communication and legal experts, we carry out successful dunning of small, medium-sized and large companies. Our customers are represented in almost all industries.

We have your back and ensure your success, even after a payment deadline has passed. We take your individual requirements very seriously. We can guarantee the achievement of an above-average realization rate as well as the preservation of your customer relationships.

Empathic dunning with DIAGONAL Debi-Plus

Transparency, commitment and communication at eye level – the magic formula for a successful dunning process. From the first payment reminder, we clarify the facts to your defaulting customer, communicating in a way that leaves no questions unanswered.

We know from our experience that threats will get you nowhere. Cryptic reminder letters often do not want to be understood by customers either. Clarity and empathy, on the other hand, create a willingness to settle an open score. Our goal is for your customer to remain your customer.

White Label – External dunning system in your own corporate design

From payment reminders to dunning letters: We work with your logo and in your corporate design. Your customer should remain your customer – we consistently apply this credo in our dunning process. In the run-up to the collaboration, we precisely coordinate the design and tonality with each other.

In your protected area of our creditor portal, you can seamlessly track our actions at any time. In addition to the dunning process, we can provide customer service for all aspects of accounts receivable management.

An external dunning system in your own design sounds interesting?

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