A foreclosure is not the end

The judicial dunning procedure ends with the enforcement order. This notice can be used to enforce execution against the assets of your defaulting customer. Ideally, you have already commissioned us to handle the entire judicial dunning procedure. The DIAGONAL Group draws on almost three decades of experience in debt collection services. Once your debt is titled, we can monitor your delinquent client’s financial condition for over 30 years and conduct periodic foreclosures on newly accumulated assets.

Foreclosure – What is seized?

Over the past few years, the legislature has installed several hurdles to the foreclosure of private assets. We welcome this measure of consumer protection and therefore we have specialized in enforcement over salary and private accounts. The seizure of electronic items, for example, is inefficient nowadays from a commercial point of view alone.

Such and other household-related items lose value and represent a major logistical expense versus a very small monetary gain. Foreclosure of income, on the other hand, protects the consumer up to the exemption limit and realizes your claims immediately.

Highly automated to foreclosure

As a technology leader in the industry, all our processes are highly automated. The DIAGONAL Group has a digital interface to all German dunning courts. This competitive advantage makes our actions highly efficient also in judicial debt collection. Title monitoring over 30 years is fully automatic. Regular credit checks and address research provide targeted information on the asset status of your defaulting customer. This allows us to selectively manage individual foreclosures and ensure maximum success for you.

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