The DIAGONAL Group – receivables management by experience

For almost 30 years, we have been working with our customers to find solutions for the realization of receivables. We have developed perfectly interlocking processes that allow you to concentrate on your core business with full energy.

You have the choice at which station you enter: Credit assessment, payment options for your online store, accounts receivable management or debt collection? In any case, we guarantee full transparency, full control and maximum efficiency of your payment flows.

Axel Rodeck, Holger Kück, Ines Thoms, Philipp Kadel, Christian Davids

The DIAGONAL Group – technology leader in the industry

We started working in a highly automated way back in the early 1990s. An in-house IT development department works daily on fine-tuning our systems and on innovations that give us a competitive edge. We want to pass these advantages on to you! As soon as your company starts to generate sales, our systems ensure that the entire receivables management process runs smoothly and quickly.

Via the co-pilot function in our dashboard or the real-time control in our creditor portal, everything remains 100% transparent and under your control. The best part is that you can be sure that even without your intervention, a sale will turn into a profit.

Receivables management from a single source

We distinguish ourselves by offering individual solutions for your receivables management and at the same time being able to handle large volumes of transactions and the associated commercial effort. You win from the beginning of the process. Once transferred, your data passes through the various steps of receivables management without any loss of information.

Your customer goes to the checkout of your online store with a shopping cart, our credit check controls which payment methods are offered to your customer. We arrange for invoicing in your corporate identity. In the case of bad debts, we independently handle the commercial dunning process and, in the event of an emergency, also carry out the debt collection for you.

We realize your demands with humanity

The term receivables management, especially the term debt collection, sometimes does not have a positive connotation. The former sounds complicated, debt collection unfortunately implies the widespread clichés. We were the pioneers in telephone debt collection in the 1990s. We have been in direct contact with debtors for over 25 years. Today, we communicate with you through all the modern channels that our millennium has to offer.

One thing we know for sure: You don’t realize a demand with pressure. Instead, we offer debtors solutions. We show you the way out of the seemingly hopeless situation. Our respectful approach to debtors secures your customers and protects your own image.