Provide excellent customer service in accounts receivable management

The purchase is complete, the service rendered and the invoice sent, your customer is satisfied with your product or service. Nevertheless, in your daily business you often have customer queries about the handling of accounts receivable management? In our experience, this revolves around the topics of invoicing, voucher requirements, statutory co-payments, commercial reminders, etc.

Our customer service takes this work off your hands entirely. Provide your customers with a unique post-purchase experience and secure your repeat buyers of tomorrow with excellent customer service in accounts receivable management.

Customer service in your corporate design

In over 25 years, we have identified people’s needs through millions of phone calls and customer contacts. Coupled with our expertise in receivables management, we have a powerful pool of experience. We use these 100% to provide customer service that fits your business. Your customer won’t notice the difference, but you’ll feel the relief.

Through all channels, be it by phone, mail or WhatsApp, we act as your customer service in accounts receivable management. Your corporate identity, your tonality, your branding.

Customer service – available on all channels

Providing a constantly available customer service for accounts receivable management in your own company is a cost-intensive decision. Your customer demands convenient accessibility via their preferred medium. We offer your customers a modern mix of telephony, WhatsApp chat and email traffic. Between 08:30 and 17:00, our customer service is on duty for your sustainable success. Thanks to our interlocking accounts receivable management processes, you can directly access all the information from your customer’s post-purchase experience.

Top customer service for your accounts receivable management!

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