Mass debt collection – the way out of the predicament

In almost 30 years of debt collection experience, we have gotten to know customers from all industries and found the perfect collection strategy for each individual requirement. All companies that have to bill recurring small amounts, such as electricity providers, streaming service providers, transport companies, etc., are often faced with a business dilemma: many unpaid bills due to the declining payment morale of B2C customers and too much effort to collect them in relation to the small total claim. Added to this is the customer relationship, which is already strained by the circumstance.

Mass collection – interface to the future

DIAGONAL Inkasso works with highly automated collection processes to efficiently realize even your smallest receivables. By means of artificial intelligence (AI), we are already in a position to carry out debt collection of the future. This enables us to handle thousands of individual cases every day, while our legal experts can focus on the more challenging debt collection cases.

Do you yourself have a highly complex, automated billing system for your subscription models or invoices with micro amounts? Our in-house IT development easily creates interfaces that guarantee secure and smooth data transfer without information loss.

Healing customer relationships with DIAGONAL

In almost three decades of communication with millions and millions of customers and debtors, we have gotten to know the people behind the open bills. A wealth of experience that we use every day to secure your liquidity. Good and sustainable debt collection only works if it is done without pressure and instead with open offers of solutions.

As a certified debt collection service provider, we are committed to our clients’ image on a daily basis, realizing first-class rates and excellent reputations. See for yourself by checking out our Google reviews.

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