DIAGONAL Inkasso – One partner, all solutions

In almost 30 years of providing collection services, the DIAGONAL Group has helped pioneer the market and established itself as the technology leader in the collection industry. Our appreciative and empathetic approach to your delinquent customers ensures your reputation and receivables to this day.

The DIAGONAL Group is able to extend the pre-court collection to the judicial collection in case of emergency due to the perfect interlocking of the business areas. Address and heir tracing as well as credit checks round off our portfolio. Your advantages: One partner in receivables management, no loss of information, maximum efficiency.

Debt collection – with empathy & technology to success

Since 1993, talking to millions and millions of debtors, we’ve gotten to know the people behind the unpaid bills. We use this experience 100% for your liquidity protection, because we know: Successful debt collection only works with empathy and commitment. In this way, we realize top quotas while maintaining your image.

With specially developed, highly automated collection processes, DIAGONAL Inkasso achieves a perfect symbiosis of technology and humanity. We make debt collection of the future for your long-term success!

Mass collection – automation with a future

Do you offer your customers services with recurring payments or have many small amounts in one invoice? In addition, do you yourself have a highly complex billing system for your subscription models or invoices with micro amounts? DIAGONAL Inkasso has the solution!

Our in-house IT development easily creates interfaces that guarantee secure and smooth data transfer without information loss. On the one hand, this enables us to handle thousands of individual cases every day, while our legal experts can concentrate on the more challenging debt collection cases. On the other hand, in this way we manage to efficiently realize even the smallest requirements.

Debt collection by phone – with a smile to success

When we pioneered debt collection by phone nearly three decades ago, we began to build an unparalleled body of experience in communication psychology. We use this every day to work with your delinquent customers to find solutions and deliver excellent realization rates.

Our legal and communications experts are available to your customers through all channels. We know when which reminder impulse leads to success. That’s why we take the time to do collections by outbound phone. The element of surprise and communication at eye level secure your claims and protect your reputation.

Your competent partner in judicial dunning proceedings

With DIAGONAL Inkasso you have a competent partner at your side who accompanies you and your customer through the judicial dunning procedure. As a technology leader in the industry, we have highly automated workflows along the process chain of judicial dunning proceedings. In this way, we gain time and can devote ourselves entirely to your individual requirements.

We overcome the bureaucratic hurdles for you – you can concentrate fully on your core business again. Our objective advice will lead you to the best decision and strained customer relationships will have a chance to be clarified.

We support you with the dunning notice

Do you need assistance in applying for an order for payment? The DIAGONAL Group provides answers to all questions. We master the bureaucratic hurdles while keeping your business interests in mind as well as the needs of your defaulting customer. From more than 25 years of experience, our legal experts know the knock-out criteria for a dunning notice and undertake the objective evaluation of each individual circumstance. You retain the process sovereignty over your personal area of our creditor portal. Maximum transparency and best cost-benefit assessment for your success.

Titling – we are at your side for 30 years

Do you have outstanding receivables from customers or business partners that will simply become time-barred if not collected? The titling of the claim is a proven way to assert written-off claims after all and to secure one’s good right in the long term! After titling, we can assert the claim on your behalf for 30 years. Thanks to our highly automated processes, monitoring of the title runs fully automatically even in the post-judicial proceedings. We monitor your titles and achieve success – even for your seemingly irrecoverable debts.

Your foresighted partner in foreclosure proceedings

We specialize in foreclosure through salary and personal accounts. This is because this type of liquidity protection protects the consumer on the one hand and realizes your receivables with the greatest possible output on the other. Title monitoring over 30 years runs fully automatically via our intelligent systems.

Regular credit checks and address research provide us with targeted information on the asset status of your defaulting customer. Once your client has accumulated assets, selective use of foreclosure measures is possible. We offer the optimal cost-benefit factor for your long-term receivables protection.

Find out address – effortlessly and efficiently

Your customer has moved to an unknown address, the receivable is still open and you are faced with the decision to conduct extensive research or simply write off the open invoice? DIAGONAL Group offers efficient solutions to find out the address of your customers, taking up to 16 digital and investigative steps. A debtor who has moved is not an isolated case, as approximately 11 million people in Germany move every year. Address determination pays off: Our highly automated processes save you time and money and lead you to success.

Find out heirs – we take it from you

You are faced with the moral and also commercial decision to contact the heirs of one of your claims? Your target group consists of particularly vulnerable people and you unfortunately come into this situation more often? In nearly 30 years of client and debtor contact, the DIAGONAL Group has developed a compassionate yet efficient process for heir determination.

Our excellent performance is based on the mix of communication psychology and highly automated processes in handling the bureaucracy. The DIAGONAL Group is your appreciative partner in this sensitive area.

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