Sustainability – a term we fill with life

We at the DIAGONAL Group look at sustainable success not only from the economic side. We also ask ourselves the question: What contribution can we make to people and nature? That is why we always take into account the social and ecological components of sustainability in our daily activities.

We strive to assess, reduce or positively influence the consequences of our business activities on the environment and society. We achieve this on the one hand by responding to the needs of our fellow human beings and on the other hand by contributing to climate protection.

Our social responsibility

In our almost 30 years of existence, we have built an employee-centric corporate culture that focuses on respect, appreciation and humanity. We see our employees as individuals with families and commitments that extend beyond work. We show consideration and give every opportunity to balance private life and work. From office equipment to the working time model, we coordinate the design of the workplace individually and at eye level. In addition, we take responsibility for the people in our vicinity and support regional projects.

Our ecological responsibility

Our goal is paperless communication with all our stakeholders. Intuitive portals are available for communication with our customers from all areas of the company. As a technology leader in the industry, this enables us to transfer huge amounts of data without sending files.

For sending correspondence to our clients’ customers and debtors in the debt collection segment, we offer various options for paperless communication. To compensate for unavoidable CO2 emissions, we support important climate protection projects with the support of Planetly and have found solutions to reduce our ecological footprint.