Accounts receivable management with ease

Accounts receivable management, i.e. invoicing, commercial dunning and the associated customer service, is part of the business of every entrepreneur. All this ties up financial, human and IT resources that are not available for your core business or investments.

As a technology leader in the industry, the DIAGONAL Group masters the infrastructural hurdles and also secures outstanding receivables for you with empathy and commitment. With efficiency and expertise, we provide you with liquidity and room to maneuver for your entrepreneurial success!

Commercial dunning from a professional

The core business of the DIAGONAL Group has been based on receivables management for almost 30 years. With highly automated processes and excellently trained legal and communication experts, we carry out successful dunning of small, medium-sized and large companies. We have your back and ensure your success, even after a payment deadline has passed.

From payment reminders to dunning letters: We work with your logo and in your corporate design. Our magic formula for a successful dunning process: Transparency, commitment and communication at eye level. Our goal: Your customer should remain your customer.

Hand over invoicing – focus on core business

Correct invoicing involves a great deal of effort: it costs time and ties up personnel. Errors in the process create a negative post-purchase experience for the customer and sometimes entrepreneurial damage! Therefore, take advantage of our experience in accounts receivable management and benefit from the customized solution of the DIAGONAL Group.

Legally and commercially on the safe side, your invoicing ensures a well-rounded buying experience for your customer. In your area of our creditor portal, you have full control and can see how our seamless processes increase your efficiency.

Customer service in accounts receivable management – winning customers for tomorrow!

In over 25 years of direct communication with millions of customers and debtors, we have gotten to know the people behind the unpaid bills. Coupled with our expertise in receivables management, the DIAGONAL Group thus has an immense wealth of experience. We pass this on to you 100%.

We complete your accounts receivable management with excellent customer service that fits your company – white label in your corporate identity. Provide your customers with a unique post-purchase experience and secure your repeat buyers of tomorrow with customer service that is always available across all channels.

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