Find out address – how to do it?

In almost 30 years, the DIAGONAL Group has found ways to find out the postal addresses of your customers quickly and cost-effectively for the areas of accounts receivable management and debt collection. In total, we can take up to 16 digital and investigative steps in this process. Many of them we walk in parallel.

We have our own databases, carry out regular monitoring via external databases and can also find out addresses via the residents’ registration office. Often it is our good and personal connection to your customer that leads to the right address in a personal conversation or via mail contact.

Finding out addresses – a question of cost

We at DIAGONAL Group know that it can be a commercially motivated decision to find out the address of an unknown relocated customer. In addition to the costs incurred for the service of one or more databases, there is also the time required. Sometimes it seems more useful to write off the claim than to find out the address.
In view of the fact that around 11 million people in Germany move every year, it is worth considering having the address found out. Our digital processes save you time and money in the process.

Find out the address for the dunning notice

Finding out the correct address of a defaulting customer is in some cases a basic prerequisite for further legal action: the judicial dunning procedure. The judicial dunning procedure is preceded by the service of the dunning notice by mail. So for this it is necessary to find out the address.

Further court notices, such as the service of the notice of execution, also make a correct address necessary. The DIAGONAL Group not only takes care of these legally challenging processes for you, but also supports you in the supposed trivialities – finding out an address.

You want to find out an address?

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