How does factoring work with DIA PAY?

Purchase on account” or “by direct debit” are the most popular payment methods in Europe. 91% of German online shoppers would like to be offered “purchase on account” at the checkout of the online store. Why? Customers want to try the goods first before they pay. The consumer’s joy is the entrepreneur’s sorrow.

In addition to the increased cost of returns, you may be left with unpaid invoices. And this is exactly where DIA PAY steps in as your factoring partner. With our factoring model, the receivable is transferred to us the moment the invoice payment deadline is exceeded.

Factoring with DIA PAY guarantees you turnover

With DIAGONAL Payment as a payment service provider, you get over 200 international payment methods for your online store from a single source. Of course, also the “purchase on account” or “by direct debit”. Unlike the so-called secure payment methods, such as credit card, instant transfer, PayPal and Co., the insecure payment methods “purchase on account” or “by direct debit” do not always immediately lead to turnover on your account.

Once you have sent the goods to the customer, they are sometimes lost and the expected sales fail to materialize. With DIA PAY Factoring this cannot happen. DIA PAY buys the receivable from you – our factoring is your turnover insurance.

DIA PAY Factoring secures your customer loyalty

DIA PAY Factoring takes the turnover risk off your hands. But doesn’t that mean you lose contact with your customer? No! Unlike so-called true factoring, where you immediately sell the receivable to the factoring company and thus completely lose your relationship with the customer, DIA PAY Factoring only takes over when the receivable actually defaults.

Your benefits with DIA PAY Factoring: You maintain your valuable customer relationship, stay in touch, can evaluate first-time and repeat buyer data, and target your marketing efforts.

Useful addition to DIA PAY Factoring

The DIAGONAL Group offers you all services related to receivables management from a single source. As the industry’s technology leader, we have your back with our intelligent systems. You concentrate on your core business, we support you in handling credit checks, providing payment methods for your online store, accounts receivable management and debt collection.

We look at which modules fit your requirements on an individual basis. In our factoring partnership, it is possible to combine process steps of your accounts receivable management. These can be, for example, invoicing or commercial dunning.

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