Check creditworthiness – business relations without risk

Entering into a new business relationship should have only positive effects for your company. A favorable supplier, an innovative agency, a change of tax advisor – every entrepreneurial partnership always involves risks in addition to good intentions. Is “the new guy” liquid? Does he have a decent payment history? Will his business develop positively in the future? You need answers to these to protect your own business from sometimes great harm!

Therefore, check the creditworthiness of your partners carefully and rely on the comprehensive Boni-Check of the DIAGONAL Group.

Simply check creditworthiness individually

With the DIAGONAL Boni-Check you check the business relationship before it is established. After a one-time connection in our creditor portal, you can check individual credit ratings immediately and at any time. You have no minimum purchase quantity or ongoing costs. Check the creditworthiness of your business partners when you need to and access Germany’s most informative database in real time. With just a few entries, our system provides you with easy-to-understand summaries of e.g. payment history, creditworthiness, scoring values, balance sheet data and much more within seconds.

Check creditworthiness – as independent as we are

The DIAGONAL Boni-Check offers you maximum independence. Compared to other service providers for checking creditworthiness, the DIAGONAL Group works independently of any corporate group. We offer you a unique mix of data sources and can thus deliver the best quality from every area. Benefit from our position as a technology leader in the market. With this we are able to provide you at any time with the relevant data for the evaluation of your business relationship. Check the creditworthiness with the DIAGONAL Boni-Check and make the right decision unerringly.

You want to check the creditworthiness of your partners?

Secure your business relationship now!

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